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Welcome to the Liljendal Website

This is the website of Pelle F. S. Liljendal and here you will find some info of me and some of my interests. Basically I've made this site to globally store some of the links I use often, and partly its for sharing some info that others might find useful as well - I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Donate to show your appreciation?

For years I have contributed by creating free content in form of software and graphics. I do this because I like to create it, and I like making other users happy to have access to what I produce. Anyway, if you want to show your appreciation in form of a small ... or large ... donation, who am I to disagree ;-)

The following icon will take you to the Paypal-payment site where you can make your donation (please remark it will say Infinite-Noise).



Looking for a hosting company?

For a long time I had all my websites hosted at a Danish hosting-company, however their service deteriorated over the years, and in the end I experienced my sites were down 8-16 hours in a row, not less than 6 times in a 3 month period, and they had no explanation as to why the sites were down, or how the sites appered to have "repaired themselves". Anyway I finally went looking for other alternatives and the choise ended being arvixe (an American hosting-company). Moving all of my DK-domains (Danish Websites) to this hosting company along with a few new .com domains was a no brainer.

Arvixe both offer Linux- and Windows-based hosting, and as this site is using a .Net based CMS I chose the latter with support for MS-SQL databases (they have support for hundreds of different CMS, Blog, eCommerse systems so I am sure there will be one for you also). The fact that I have more or less unlimited "everything" (harddisk-space, database-size, number of databases, monthly trafic and number of domains) combined with arvixe being very developer friendly, it was a quick choise, choosing them over other alternatives.

Support me, by Supporting yourself

Clicking the link below you can create your own account at arvixe. Doing so will result in me getting a small kick-back which of cause is nice, however my primary motive of doing this (this site is not otherwise plastered with adveticement), is solely because I think that arvixe is a serious hosting partner and I am very happy with their service. So why not helping each other? :-)

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